St. Albert Rotary Music Festival
Rotary International


We share some comments from our 2017 participants:

“The junior & senior adjudicators [piano] were both FANTASTIC! Very impressed with the way they were so encouraging and enthusiastic while still giving corrections.”

“Thank you for everything you do; the Festival is amazing!”

“It was wonderful having a dance adjudicator who had a significant knowledge of tap.”

“Peggy [L'Hoir – Junior Piano] was the best adjudicator we have had in years.”

“I love this festival and the opportunity for growth it is to my students! Thanks!”

“Many young artists do not get to pursue a career that they are truly passionate about due to lack of funds. It is extremely gratifying to be in a position where, thanks to organizations like the Rotary Club, I am better able to afford such a specialized arts based education.” –Andrew Boyd | Lyle Moore Scholarship recipient 2015

Some positive feedback from our 2015 Satisfaction Survey from teachers & parents:

“We enjoy every year we’ve participated. It gives our child something to look forward to and work hard for. Our child has learned so much and gained many skills.”

“Kudos to your entire organization. The St. Albert Rotary Festival is one of the most successful festivals anywhere!”

“The band adjudicator was excellent with the students and provided a workshop for all of the time allotted. This was greatly appreciated!”

“I love having my beginners participate as it is always a fun and encouraging experience for them. The beginner adjudicators are so important for making the festival a positive experience for the little ones. I also love the festival for exam prep for my RCM students and find that the input given helps us polish off the pieces before the exams. Thank you!”

“Keep up the wonderful work. It’s an invaluable service to our arts community in St. Albert.”

“Thank you to all the volunteers who welcome us at every venue. They are always very encouraging to the participants.”

“Kudos to all the Rotarians for donating their time to the festival. Our family has participated in the Rotary Music Festival for over 16 years and we are so thankful that our children have had these memorable experiences. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“My children have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Rotary over the years. Your final Encore performance was truly top-notch this year!”

“I find the organization fantastic every year! I really liked the daily schedule by instrument type posted on the website this year. We have found the adjudicators so encouraging each year and bring a focus on learning and improving, which keeps us returning. The volunteers are always enthusiastic and helpful. We appreciate all you do to keep the festival going.”

“It was a great experience for my 9-year-old daughter to perform and to do what she loves best ... dance! She will definitely want to return next year. She was the only dancer from a different studio, and the other experienced dancers and teachers were all so great, welcoming, and helpful both to her and I. Thank you for such a positive experience!”

“Festivals are an excellent opportunity for young artists to perform, but also a chance to practice life skills. Public speaking is an integral part of most jobs, and having speech categories opens the umbrella to those who might not play an instrument or sing. After all, life is a stage!” –Melissa Penney

“I want to thank you for all the years of attending your festivals and your dedication to making it such a wonderful experience for my students. I will miss the festival this year, as I have been attending St. Albert festivals for over 25 years, starting with my own kids. I always told my students that it was about the experience and enjoying performing and not about winning. You have always been very professional, but welcoming and warm as well. My fondest wishes to you all in the coming years. Many thanks.” –Teacher: Sandi Ollenberger

“The work that you and your colleagues do in the continuing success of the Festival is much admired and appreciated by all of us.” –Former Senator Tommy Banks

“It [St. Albert Rotary Music Festival] is an enormous undertaking but so important to our young people in the arts. Looking forward to next year.

“He is a brand new student this year and just loves Musical Theatre. He was so excited when you contacted him [about the Filipchuk Award] that he had to call me right away. He has improved so much since he started in September and he is a lovely young man and so deserving of this.

“I feel it [Festival] is all about the experience and not about winning. The adjudicators that you choose every year have always been first-rate and I have learned something from each and every one of them.

“I really enjoyed Lisa Hornung this year. I hope she will be back again sometime.” –Voice/musical theatre teacher who has entered students for more than 15 years: Sandi

“Congratulations – that [Encore] was an excellent celebration of everything that is "good" about the music festival! Really appreciated all of the performances – so nice to see some of the younger children perform – always a favourite with me.

“I had some emotional moments watching Megan perform – so lovely – and to hear that she is going on to university to continue with her musical studies ... it felt so good that Marsha’s [Stanton] legacy may have had some influence in supporting that decision.

“I also thought that this concert was presented very well – such seamless transitions between performances. Congratulations to all your backstage support and volunteers.

“Bravo; another great Festival!” –Community supporter: Leslie

“I wanted to let you know that all of my students had a wonderful experience at the Festival this year. They were all impressed by how welcoming and warm it felt. Every time I put a student in the Festival, they are ready to do it again next year! All the parents are really happy with it!” –Piano teacher who has entered students for more than 10 years, and former Rose Bowl winner, Grande Concert Guest performer: Renna

“I have been involved with the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival for over 30 years in some capacity; either as a competitor, a volunteer, a piano teacher, and now a mother of two competitors. The 2013 year has been one of my favorites. To be able to see things come full circle from my youth, through my teaching years, into the world of watching “through a mother’s eyes”; well, it has been delightful.

“Particularly this season I felt the Festival in its entirety ran very smoothly. From the online information and registration process, to the professionalism with which the Rotary Conveners hosted each session, the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival proves to be a class act. In a world so focused on technology and instant gratification, it is encouraging to see the youth striving to grow in their musicality, to refine their skills, and have the maturity and dedication to work for months at a time on the same repertoire.

“It is a privilege to be associated with an event so anticipated each year by the music community of St. Albert. It is with sincere gratitude that I thank those who have a role in organizing this Festival.” –Anonymous

“Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how very much I appreciated Lisa. Loved the way she handled every class, shared her knowledge, stressed technique, was so positive, fun and helpful. This is the kind of experience that keeps students coming back year after year and me wanting to enter. Best place to practice performance too, as Lisa says. Glad you had so many great entries in Lyle Moore Class.” –Voice/musical theatre teacher who has had many students receive awards at the Provincial Festival over the years: Joan

“I am really enjoying Viola’s adjudications. She is quite enjoyable to listen to and has some good tips for the students. She was especially good encouraging the students in the adult class.” –Piano teacher who has entered students for more than 10 years: Carolyn

“Our daughter has participated in the St. Albert Rotary Festival since her training started as a young girl. We have enjoyed watching her artistry grow and when she participates in the Rotary Festival, her self-esteem and confidence continue to become more positive. In our view, this is a direct result of the non-competitive and supportive atmosphere that the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival provides. She has always had the desire to help others and to take an active role in whatever activities or programs that she takes part in.

“We believe that this Festival brings arts in the community to the forefront by recognizing the various talents of our youth in St. Albert. We believe it encourages others in our community to take an active role in such an important aspect of growth. This Festival has enhanced her love of dance and love of community and opened her up to all the fine arts. The feedback she has received from highly qualified adjudicators during this Festival has been invaluable in all aspects and we feel confident that this exposure will help her in making future lifetime decisions.

“In conclusion, we would like to especially thank the St. Albert Rotary for the vital role they take in this Festival, as it paints a true portrait of what St. Albert truly represents. Best wishes for continued success.” –Dance parents: Corinne and Milind

“Long before I had even entertained the thought of publicly performing music, I attended the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival with my mother in my pre-school years and onward – sitting in on the performances and adjudications of a wide variety of instrumentalists and vocalists.

“Today, looking back on many years of involvement in the Festival, I can tell you without a doubt that it was the performances in the classes, the encouragement from fellow performers and from the many wonderful volunteers, the learning from many fabulous adjudicators, and the opportunities to perform in the grand concerts and at provincials that not only inspired me to pursue a degree in piano performance, but enabled personal growth in the confidence and determination needed to establish a career in performance.

“I am forever grateful for my many experiences in the Festival and the avenues that have opened up as a result.” –Participant: David

“I have been singing in festivals for about eight years and the St. Albert Festival is always my favorite and the one that I don't want to miss if I have to choose between them. The adjudicators have always been excellent and it is the most welcoming Festival. There is a high level of talent and competition but everyone is always very friendly and all the venues have a great atmosphere.

“I have been very fortunate to receive many scholarships through this Festival which I have put towards my music and musical theatre training. I have been honored to be a gala performer which is a night of incredible talent from the Festival. Thank you for always being one of the highlights of my year.” –Participant: Kelsey

“Festival time can often be stressful yet exciting for its participants. We always know that the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival will be exceptionally organized and very welcoming for the participants, helping to make it such a positive experience.

“With a child who has taken part in the Festival for many years, I have always found all of the organizers and volunteers particularly helpful and very friendly. It takes an enormous amount of work to not only put this Festival together, but to make it such a wonderful experience for the participants. And then we get to enjoy the incredible talent that the Festival showcases. Kudos to all involved!” –Parent: Laurie