St. Albert Rotary Music Festival



Rotary Scholarships

ROTARY SCHOLARSHIPS for all Festival disciplines are provided at the Junior ($100), Intermediate ($150), and Senior ($200) levels to participants who reside or study in St. Albert or the surrounding municipal districts (not including Edmonton).*
Exceptions: Provincial Recommendations and Lyle Moore Scholarship have no residence restrictions.
*Rarely when a scholarship recipient cannot be identified who is eligible according to the residence restriction, another performer may receive the scholarship at the discretion of the adjudicator.

Recommendations to the Provincial Festival including half the entry fees ($100, $125–Solo/$150–Other) are available to any participant.  
Exception: There are no classes offered at the Provincial Festival for Band or Dance.

Lyle Moore Scholarship Class | $1,000

CLASS L400        Scholarship of $1,000 to continue advanced studies in music 

  • Open to all students (no residence requirements for student or teacher)
  • Candidates must be entering or studying at an undergraduate level or equivalent, age 16 – 28.
  • Repertoire Selections for ANY solo instrument or voice may include concerti with a total maximum performance time of 20 minutes. Selection of a concert program displaying a balance of musical styles will be considered by the adjudicators. Repertoire that is not entered in any other Festival class is preferred.


  • Entry fee: $55 [no discounts apply]
  • Candidates will be interviewed by the Festival Committee prior to the Festival to obtain a brief biography, including musical achievements and goals.
  • Candidates must identify the post-secondary institution or individual to which the scholarship of $1,000 will be paid.
  • A panel of adjudicators representing the disciplines of the performers will adjudicate the class.
  • The St. Albert Rotary Music Festival reserves the right to withhold the scholarship unless a suitable candidate is identified.

The Rose Bowl | $500

  • Awarded to the “Best of the Festival”
  • Is not awarded to the same participant in consecutive years

Marsha Stanton Award | $500

  • Awarded to the student who enters a large number of classes in a variety of disciplines

Elsie and Bill Filipchuk Musical Theatre Bursary | $400

  • Awarded to a student 16 years and under who resides and/or studies in St. Albert and surrounding district, not including Edmonton
  • Paid in the form of tuition to a teacher of the student’s choice
  • The Host Lions Club reserves the right to withhold the scholarship if a suitable candidate is not identified.

The Patricia Burgess Prizes | $150

  • Sponsored by the Marek Jablonski Endowment Board
  • Awarded for the best performance of Chopin in Piano Plan I and Piano Plan II

The ARMTA String Concerto Award | $50

  • Sponsored by the Alberta Registered Music Teachers Association
  • Awarded to the best performance of a string concerto

Community-Sponsored Scholarships | $50 or $100

Don’s Piano Place Piano I & II Scholarships
Ages of awards may vary according to entries in a specific year.

  • Concerto
  • Age 9 and under
  • Age 12
  • Age 13
  • Age 14
  • Pop
  • Duet/Ensemble

Preparatory Piano Scholarships

  • Age 10 and under
  • Age 11 and over

Kovacs Piano II Scholarships

  • Pre-Grade 1
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3

Kryzanowski Senior Piano II Recital Class Awards

SPT Drilling Piano II Scholarships

  • Concerto
  • Duet/Ensemble
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8

All Performers

Meadow Construction and Pose Hair Awards


Learning Bridges Composition Award [$50]
Brad Roy Songwriting Award [$50]