St. Albert Rotary Music Festival
Rotary International

Lyle Moore Scholarship Class | $1,000

Adam Skogstad
Adam Skogstad
2023 Lyle Moore
Scholarship Winner

CLASS 00400        Scholarship of $1,000 to continue advanced studies in music 

  • Open to all students (no residence requirements for student or teacher) 
  • Candidates must be Advanced Level Music Students, ages 16 to 28, and entering or studying at a post-secondary institution or equivalent level of instruction.
  • Selections for ANY solo instrument or voice, may include concerti, with a maximum of 5 selections within a total maximum performance time of 20 minutes. Selection of a concert program displaying a balance of musical styles will be considered by the adjudicators.
  • Selections chosen must be different than those registered to be performed in other local Festival classes.
  • A maximum of 5 candidates will be selected to perform. If more than 5 register, the Music Festival Committee will choose 5.


  • Entry fee: $60
  • Candidates who are selected to perform shall submit a head shot photo for publication in the Music Festival’s program published by the St. Albert Gazette, and for posting on the Festival website and social media outlets at the discretion of the Music Festival.
  • Candidates must submit a brief (one paragraph) biography which includes musical achievements and goals, along with personal hobbies or anecdotes.
  • Candidates must identify the post-secondary institution or individual to which the scholarship of $1000 will be paid.
  • The Festival will make best efforts to appoint an adjudication panel which represents the disciplines of the performers.
  • The St. Albert Rotary Music Festival reserves the right to withhold the scholarship unless a suitable candidate is identified.
  • In the instance that the original recipient named by the candidate is changed, the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival reserves the right to withhold the scholarship funds until, in the opinion of the Festival, a suitable recipient of the scholarship is identified.
  • Candidates are eligible to receive the Lyle Moore Scholarship in successive years.
  • The winner of the Lyle Moore Scholarship in any given year is not eligible for the Rose Bowl award in the same year.

  1. This class is eligible for Provincial Recommendation providing the repertoire performed in any discipline other than Musical Theatre is CLASSICAL as defined by the Provincial Syllabus Glossary.
  2. Provincial classes chosen for recommendation will be based on the discipline, age, performance level and/or repertoire of the performer as fits the criteria of the Provincial class.
  3. Provincial classes will be chosen by the Adjudication Panel.