St. Albert Rotary Music Festival
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Copyright Policy 2019

The St. Albert Rotary Music Festival has applied for a performance exemption under SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada). However, the performers themselves are ultimately responsible for ensuring proper authorization has been obtained to perform their selections.

SOCAN’s repertoire covers 95% of music. The other 5% consists of individual authors, corporate authors (examples include Disney and Pixar) and publishing houses such as Fredrick Harris. The authority or permission to use works by these entities must come directly from the entities themselves.

In many cases a performer can apply for a fair use exemption by contacting them directly (“Fair Use” copy is defined as a copy for which use of the work is granted). If the work is not in SOCAN’s syllabus , then the Music Festival’s exemption under SOCAN will not protect you.

Festival performers are asked to remember that just because you have purchased a physical copy of your selection, this does not necessarily allow you to perform the work in public. Your purchased copy must state that performance permission is granted.

Under our Rules (refer to the Addenda (Local) Syllabus Page 1 PDF), we require one licenced published copy of the work being performed to be turned in to the adjudicator before performance. This is to protect performers and adjudicators from infringing the author’s sole right to copy the work.

Musical Theatre works are considered “musical works” as opposed to “dramatic works”, and therefore performance rights are covered by SOCAN as above.


SOCAN’s syllabus has a searchable index .

For Literary Works:

For Dramatic Works:

  • Playwrights Guild of Canada (PGC) playwrightsguild.ca
    The Playwrights Guild of Canada (PGC) is the national service organization for professional playwrights. It represents nearly 400 members, distributes more than 2,000 plays and offers many services to the theatre-loving public. It acts as agent for the distribution of rights and collection of royalties.